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Not all anime can be reviewed only after the broadcast is over. In the case of some titles, stretched on unknown number of episodes, you can form a sentence after a few dozen. The more that nothing really interesting happened in the plot over forty episodes, because so many of them in the case of Boruto watched, it does not make sense to make more hope, or just anime is badly thought out and the more there is no sense to strain . This, stating, I get out without even regretting.

I have recently watched the first ending of Naruto and realized how fresh it was, how ingenious and visionary it was, even though it was embedded in a well-connected scheme of adaptation of the comic book from “Shounen Jumpa”. Among the lovers of Naruto probably there was never any doubt that the first two episodes, the one with Zabuza and the later chuunin exam, are the best that ever happened to both the prototype and the television version of this story. I can not call myself a huge fan of Naruto, I have never been one, although the manga of my time drew me in, but I never looked at the first TV series completely, but I took Shippuuden more out of curiosity than the real desire to know the fate of heroes. And Boruto? The visual layer turned out to be an incentive to find out what is happening in adults Naruto, Hinata, Sakura and the rest of the gang. At first it was difficult for me to realize what is wrong with the new generation of heroes. And then I remembered that Naruto as genin in the second volume of the manga looked death in the eye when he set out on the first mission under the protection of Kakashi, and later survived the confrontation with Orochimaru. And that was the first few volumes. Fact is fact, Naruto grew up in turbulent times, when the ninja constantly fought with each other. At the moment when we meet Boruto, there is no longer a greater threat above the village of Konoha, at most the repercussions of the past are felt when someone decides, after many years, to take revenge or is unpleasant in a different way. But in this you can not see a bigger plan – Boruto solves the problems of his and his friends, which is on average interesting. After the first few dozen episodes, it is difficult to notice that history moves in a specific direction, and individual episodes are rather closed threads, not a part of the whole. The new generation is trying in some way to refer to the past, and here the heroes also set out to the Land of Mists, but in what way – as part of a school trip. Sign of the times. Considering the well-known but adult heroes, it is even clear that their children will not be able to face the challenges of the next conflict if it breaks out. I will add that they are not able to meet the requirements of an interesting plot.

But who cares for a kid, when everyone is surely the most interested, who to whom with whom he went down and lived to see children. In terms of length, Naruto did not give way to the telenovelas, so in the end it must have been to seal some obvious relationships for years. Who saw the movie Naruto: The Last, for this probably will not be a surprise something that for me is an extremely satisfying finish of the efforts of my favorite heroine. I am writing about the marriage of Naruto with Hinata, which resulted in the birth of the protagonist of the series in question and his sister Himawari. Masashi Kishimoto did not show any special finesse when he designed these characters, because Boruto looks like a father when he is young, while Himawari is a small Hinata with a characteristic “fox mustache” on the cheeks. I am a little surprised why the descendants of Naruto inherited this feature of appearance from him, since it clearly stemmed from a close relationship with the fox demon. Still, the priest is still a child, it is difficult in her case to speak of any character, especially since it is a background, often comedic. Boruto is more prudent than his father at his age, although the graffiti artist’s talent remained. First of all, there are no problems with studying, although he prefers to hang around, than to acquire knowledge, and the troublemaker is not a good idea. Among his peers he finds himself without problems, he is even the soul of the company, while his father was rejected from the beginning of his life and had to fight for acceptance, which resulted in all mischief. That is why I disagree with the popular claim that Boruto is completely the same as Naruto when he is young. The basis of the hero’s antics is the time-consuming work of the father, through which the parental bond has declined. The boy simply looks for attention, while the orphaned Naruto did not have such luxury. At first glance, you can see that Boruto grew up quite carefree and change the situation at home is a huge experience for him.